My World Meets the Media


Hello and welcome! My name is Carina Blanco, and I come from one of the strangest mixes of backgrounds I have ever encountered. I grew up in South Florida with a Cuban father and a Lebanese mother, who was born and raised in Trinidad. The result of this mash-up? A rich cultural heritage that I am extremely proud of, an eccentric personal vocabulary that often confuses my friends, and a real appreciation for food!

 My previous experiences with journalism are limited to prior internships with the international non-profit Food For The Poor. Currently, I am a senior at the University of Michigan, studying English and Communications. I am intensely passionate about languages, and, by extension, writing. I believe that the written word is one of the most powerful ways we connect to and share our identities with others. I am looking forward to the chance this class gives me to examine how the digital age has influenced journalism’s ability to capture human experience.

When it comes to consumption of news, my mobile device is the most common way I access media. From checking the local weather reports to constantly refreshing my Buzzfeed app (I have a borderline unhealthy obsession), I find that when I do spend prolonged periods of time reading news, it is usually on my cellphone. Two of my favorite news network apps are CNN and Al-Jazeera (Arabic and English). If I receive news from other sources, it is either shared with me through friends via social media (usually on Facebook or Tumblr), or it is brought to my attention through word-of-mouth.

Coming from a “constant TV household,” these methods of news gathering are very different from both my childhood experience and the current experience of my parents, who still use cable television channels as their primary news source. My TV news consumption is now limited to The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, both of which I watch online rather than on an actual television.


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