Digital Disruption Rocks the Music Industry


What a frustrating yet rewarding experience making this audio recording has been! From a 16-minute interview and several different music files to the finished project you can listen to above, this project led to several near melt-downs and a lot of hair pulling. As a first time user, it was tricky to navigate both the Zoom and Audacity, but I got into the groove of it eventually. Though it’s still a bit rough in areas, I must admit I’m very proud of the finished product.

Thank you so much again to the incredibly talented Spencer Robelen for allowing me to interview him over Skype. When he isn’t sharing his insights about how technology has transformed the way musicians make music, he composes and plays in several different genres, from classical to modern. I highly recommend checking out some of his other pieces, especially since many of them make the perfect soundtrack for studying. You can follow him on Facebook, subscribe to his channel on Youtube, or keep updated on his newest projects at his website.

Happy listening!


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